Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

Happy turkey day to all my loyal readers. Hope you all have a prosperous holiday and don’t forget some key figures in case you decide to tackle the throngs on Black Friday.

In case you’re in the holiday spirit, I wear an XL shirt and prefer vodka distilled in the Scandanavian countries. An essential component of all good vodka- fjord water.

First, some housekeeping, where congratulations go out to the Hidden Valley volleyball team for their awesome run to the Group AA state championship match last Saturday in Richmond.

The Titans came close in the 5-game thriller against powerhouse Loudoun County before dropping the game-5 tiebreaker. Great careers for the five Hidden Valley seniors; Caroline Boone, Sarah Gray, Jenny Clark, Emma Sweet and Lauren Thomas.

Clark gets the Wild Bill shot-of-the-year award, for not only her accuracy on getting shots over the net, but her accuracy on hitting the Wild BIll fishing net during the playoff run.

High school football playoffs move to week three. Like the previous week, we lost three more “Big-11′ teams as Northside, Hidden Valley and William Byrd ended outstanding campaigns.

Only two remain standing for games this Friday night as undefeated Salem entertains upstart Christiansburg at Salem Stadium, and Cave Spring makes the tedious trip to Dry Fork to take on the Tunstall Trojans.

Like clockwork, chaos reigned in the ACC this week with the defection of Maryland and the crowning of the Coastal Division football  champion. Accordingly, we  offer ‘What they said, and just what happened’.

Remember, a few weeks ago, ACC commissioner John Swafford telling everyone the new $50 million ACC exit fee would keep schools from leaving? Evidently, it really meant some schools will cough up anything to get out.

Will Maryland really divvy up $50 million? Good question. You might not get blood out of a turnip, or in this case, $50 million out of a terrapin.

Remember, the Labor Day ACC opener between Va. Tech and Georgia Tech? The football gurus harped for three weeks prior that the road to the Coastal Division champioship went straight through this showdown. Wonder how many pundits are now going to tell us it meant the Coastal winner would be the LOSER of this game?

Think the Coastal Division isn’t a disaster. Two teams are ineligible and three ohers, heading into this week’s games had losing conference records.

Are you reading between the lines of Maryland President Wallaca Loh’s comment on bolting to the Big Ten? “By being a member of the Big Ten Conference, we are able to ensure financial stability for Maryland athletics,” Loh said. Some say that’s a fancy way to say if they stayed in the ACC, they would ensure financial instability. Maryland was recently forced to cut seven sports programs.

Did you enjoy Frank Beamer’s comment that Maryland’s bolting wouldn’t have an impact on the ACC?  Huhhh? As John McEnroe would say, “Are you serious?”

Or, UVa coach, Mike London’s observation that the move will enhance Maryland’s opportunities. At least we can say London gets it and knows what’s going on.

Now to the mailbag, where ACC pandamonium reigns and some comics take to the stage on jewelry.

Dear Wild Bill: Any predictions on the ACC championship game? (Wallace/Salem)

A couple, Wallace. With Georgia Tech taking on Georgia this week, and being a 13-point underdog, it means the Orange Bowl could have a 6-loss team in Miami. I’d bet the committee is rooting for Florida State.

Second, if Geogia Tech goes to Miami, my prior prediction of $10 Orange Bowl tickets is off the board. Hold out for $5 and enjoy the weather.

Dear Ringmaster: If Georgia Tech wins the ACC and goes to the Orange Bowl, will the Yellow Jackets give Al Groh a ring? (Bob/Covington)

Heck, if I was Georgia Tech, I’d send him two.

Until next week, realign your ACC divisions (there’s plenty of turkey to go around) and send your comments to; [email protected]

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