City Calling For All “Radical Racers”


Roanoke Parks and Recreation is inviting valley residents to participate in its first-ever “Radical Runabout Race” on Aug. 25, starting at 5:30 p.m. at Fallon Park.  Guaranteed to be an” overly exuberating race,” this event will be a “unique blend of running, obstacles and outlandish shenanigans that will keep your mind and body completely bewildered and challenged.”

“Obstacle races have been extremely popular over the past few years, so we are excited to host our own course right here in Roanoke,” says Roanoke Parks and Recreation Outdoor Event Specialist Joe Hanning. “Unlike most obstacle races, this course will not include the typical mud pit, but there are several other brain twisters and physical obstacles that will certainly be a challenge for runners.”

The unique race course will test participants’ ability to navigate through “uncanny hindrances” and, most of all, “a run about.” Although the distance extends up to 3 miles, participants will encounter a wide array of obstacles and even a couple of skill challenges that are sure to test your mind and body.

“Expect to hurdle, crawl, jump, stumble, and think your way through this course,” said Hanning. “If you can pull off a standard 5K race, you can pull off the Radical Runabout. With a couple steep inclines and a multi-terrain course of pavement, grass, gravel, and single track, you’ll certainly feel the burn of this lung-busting course. Add in a host of ludicrous obstacles and challenges to slow you down, and you’ll proudly boast your slowest 5K time ever.”

Whatever it is, is should be fun!

For more information, please contact Joe Hanning at 853-1276 or email him at [email protected] To see the full race details go to