Ice Cream Article Brings Back Memories


Mr Marrano, I was dumbfounded when I read your article.

My Dad & Uncle started Millstream (bought the old paper mill in 1934) serving out the window. Shortly after WWII my Uncle had to leave the business and my Dad and Mom became sole owners. Dad made all the ice cream and Mom did all the short order cooking. My sister, her best friend (now my wife of 55 years), and I worked there until we graduated from college and headed off.

Mom and Dad sold it a couple of years after we were gone and the subsequent owners turned it into a restaurant. It burned down several years ago and has now become a town park.

If you got an ice cream cone there before 1957, chances are I waited on you.

My wife and I drive back every year to visit relatives (we have lived in Georgia for many years) and renew our acquaintance with Newfound Lake. I have never found another lake as clean and pure as Newfound.

Peter Fellows