Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

by Bill Turner

The first week of March is finally upon us, and that means state basketball quarterfinals. Eight area teams (4 boys/ 4 girls) remain in the hunt for a state championship, so here’s a look at who’s left, where and when they play, and the day and time the fortunate winners advance to the VHSL Final-4 at the VCU Siegel Center in Richmond, VIS Final-Four at Virginia State University in Petersburg or VACA Final-Four at Ridgeview Christian Staunton.

Plus, after a 2 week hiatus from the ever-popular mailbag, we dig deep to see what’s on our reader’s minds. Let’s get to work.

Boys VHSL State Quarterfinals:

1) Group AA Division 3

Cave Spring (16-11) vs Waynesboro (21-7)

Salem Civic Center; Friday 8:45

Winner-VCU, Tuesday Mar.6th 1:00 pm

2) Group AA Division 4

Hidden Valley (14-13) vs Heritage (16-10)

Salem Civic Center; Saturday 6:15

Winner-VCU, Wednesday Mar.7th  12:15 pm

3) Group A Division 2

Glenvar (18-9) vs Va. High Bristol (19-8)

Va. High Bristol; Saturday 2:30

Winner- VCU, Friday Mar. 9th 10:30 am

4) VIS Division III

North Cross (17-7) vs Amelia Academy

North Cross School; Wednesday Feb. 29th 6:30 pm

Winner-Va. State Univ., Friday Mar. 9th noon

Girls State Quarterfinals:

1) Group AAA

William Fleming (17-9) vs Eastern Region champion TBD

William & Mary; Saturday 4:30

Winner-VCU, Wednesday Mar.7th 7:00 pm

2) Group AA Division 4

Salem (20-6) vs Broadway (19-8)

James Madison Univ., Saturday 7:15 pm

Winner-VCU,Wednesday Mar.7th 10:30 am

3) Group A Division 2

Glenvar (22-5) vs Va. High Bristol (20-8)

Salem Civic Center; Friday 5;15 pm

Winner- VCU, Thursday Mar.8th 8:45 pm

  4) VACA Semifinal

Roanoke Valley Christian vs  Mt. Carmel

@Ridgeway Christian Staunton; Fri. Mar. 2nd 3:30 pm

Winner-@ Ridgeway Christian Staunton Sat. Mar. 3rd 3:00 pm

`Good luck to every team in the Wild Bill ‘Big-11’ for a great run to Richmond. Likewise, North Cross in the VIS and Roanoke Valley Christian in the VACA. Now, let’s hit the mailbag where we offer a geography lesson, plus get some reader comment on my candy bar shenanigans at Cave Spring basketball games and some seating arrangements for the Wild One.

Dear Mr. Wild Bill: Last week’s column said you had been snowmobiling. There’s not an inch of snow in my yard. Do those things run in the mud? (Maureen/Roanoke County)

Answer: No, Maureen. I was in Colorado while on the Polaris. The snow was 10 feet deep, and it’s an off-year there for the white stuff. This winter in Roanoke 4-Wheelers may have been the best recreation.

Dear Instigator: I saw your stunt at the Cave Spring basketball game last Friday night. What’s the purpose of throwing bags of candy bars into the student section? (Olivia/Abingdon)

Answer: Simple, Olivia. The kids love the bags of Snickers, and it gets them very loud by the second half – sorta like a sixth man. Must be something to it, though. The Cave Spring boys ended the season 14-0 at home this year. Oh….and sorry, Olivia, that your Falcons were victim #14.

Dear Paw-Paw: You always sit at the end of the bench at Patrick Henry basketball games. Is there a reason? (Susan/Raleigh Court)

Answer: You bet there is. PH head trainer Jeanne Brown sits me there. It allows her keep the defibrillator close by.

Dear Wild Bill: Will you name a basketball All-Star team? (Dave/Vinton)

Answer: Sort of, Dave. Next month the Kiwanis and area coaches will name their team’s ‘unsung hero’. It’s the biggest honor a player can receive. Watch for pictures of the winners in the Star-Sentinel.

Until next week, send your questions to: [email protected]

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