First Educators & Legislators Lunch Held in Roanoke

Educators from 8 school divisions attended this week’s luncheon.
Educators from 8 school divisions attended this week’s luncheon.

Educators and Legislators from across the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia met Tuesday at a luncheon co-hosted by Delegate Greg Habeeb and Region VI members of the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals.

“This meeting was incredibly successful,” said Delegate Habeeb. “It was a great opportunity for educators and legislators to cultivate the personal relationships we need in order to better communicate about the challenges facing Virginia’s education system. I look forward to more of these meetings in the future and want to thank all of those who participated.”

The meeting included educators from eight school divisions and State Senators John Edwards and Ralph Smith, Delegates Greg Habeeb and Charles Poindexter and Delegates-Elect Joseph Yost, Chris Head and Nick Rush.

“It was encouraging to see so many legislators willing to take time out of their busy schedules to spend time building relationships with those of us who are “in the trenches” working to meet the needs of young people,” said Scott Habeeb, VASSP Region VI Director. “I hope that the conversations started today will grow into productive and positive relationships that will better enable our representatives in Richmond to meet the specific needs of the young people in our region.”