Laker to Debut at Kirk Avenue


Until 5 months ago Roanoke’s most well known grass roots promoter River Laker had never been in a band nor written a song nor played any musical instrument. But after seeing a “Heevahava” show at the Coffeepot in Roanoke, Laker began scheming once again and ala “BegBarrterSteal” and “The Carless Brit” a new social experiment was born: “The Laker Experiment.”

Within a 6 month period River formed the band, “Laker”, wrote and recorded 10 songs, signed with the label The UNcommonwealth, released an EP, “Approaching Acceptability” and made a music video.

Writing songs that could perhaps be best described as “musical Mary Karr memoirs,” Laker creates melodies that “bring the body to move in unpredictable ways” and sounds that “span gospel to electronic dance music genres.”

 The lyrical content is said to both surprise and bring unavoidable laughs, while “holding a rare depth, poetic resonance and authentic emotional range.” One thing is for certain – Laker reinvents and re-presents the singer/songwriter genre.

50% of all proceeds from ticket sales will go to Bethany Hall.

No photography or recording of any kind will be permitted  during the show which carries a parental advisory caution.