Letter – City Still Making Bad Decisions


Dear Editor

You would think our today leaders would have learned from some of the dumb decisions our past leaders made, when they voted to demolish such a grand landmark as The Victory Stadium. By the way citizens were given bricks from the stadium to lessen their hurt. Some one has come up with another bright idea, eliminate the half hour valley metro services in the morning and late afternoon. That could mean 17 to 18 drivers would lose their jobs. Yet up to $300,000 dollars may be spent to study the Elmwood Park Project. Shame on The Star City of the south, if this plan does take place, you will be adding to the unemployment rolls as well as the welfare rolls.

I noticed there wasn’t anything mentioned about the trolley car. They run every 15 minutes, and it’s free to ride. I suppose the trolley can run on fresh air, and the drivers have volunteered to drive the buses. Our leaders can and should find the money to keep the peak hour services moving. Be thankful that I only have one vote to cast.

-Josephine Hutcheson, Roanoke