Hundreds March in MLK Celebration

Overcome, was the message leaders sent at Monday’s Martin Luther King celebration.

“We’re here because we’re trying to make sure we keep this dream alive,” said Bishop E.M. Mitchell. Hundreds of people braved the cold to walk in the 15th annual Martin Luther King Jr. march.  They carried posters and sang songs of praise.

“The life of Martin Luther King Jr. has meant so much to me and my life,” said event speaker Sherman Lea Jr., son of Roanoke City Councilman Sherman Lea Sr. He says people today need continue to live what Dr. King preached.

“We have an African American President.  We have African Americans in Congress.  We’ve made a lot of breakthroughs, but the Dream of Dr. King wasn’t just to create breakthroughs at the top.  It was to lift all of us at the bottom,” said Lea.

Many people brought their children out to participate.  Mitchell is upset that nationally, many school systems had school today.

“Of all the days we could use, why would we take the only holiday for an African American to make up a snow day,” said Bishop E.M. Mitchell.

Lea says he believes racism isn’t as out in the open as in the past… But says minorities still face many inequalities.

“We still have inequalities in our healthcare system.  We still have inequalities in our education system,” said Lea.

There was also a heavy focus on the passing king’s message on to the youth.  Mitchell says it’s their feet that will have to carry on the dream.

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