Letter – “Raising the Taubtanic”


We read in the Roanoke Times recently that the Taubman Museum is now reaching out to the troops for ideas and suggestions on it’s future course.

I find it interesting, all be it amusing, that they are NOW calling on the troops to discuss a redirection as to which way the Titanic should sail.

All the elitist hottie totties who came up with the original idea for a play house for their artsie tartsie wall hangings certainly did not have any interest in hearing from the poor’ol common folks on our thoughts and ideas when the museum began. If they had, maybe they would have kept the IMAX Theatre that people in the whole region would have flocked to in lieu of investing the bulk of their $60 Million in an “interesting roof.”

Now that the ship is taking on water they want to hear from more people on how to plug the leak.  You’ll never convince me that Jenny Taubman didn’t see the iceberg ahead and heeded the call to the life boat . . . “Women and Art first!”

Other than turning it into the worlds first multi million dollar skate board park, I foresee the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra booked in the near future to play, “Nearer my God to Thee.”