Bus Stop Changes Unfair to Many


Dear Editor,

I knew when the Melrose bus stops were changed from one block to every two blocks it would cause problems for the riders. A young lady had her arm out to signal the driver to stop one bitter cold day last month and the driver didn’t stop. The driver should have stopped and told the lady about the change. There are some riders on canes, unable to stand or walk too long; in wheel chairs, hard for them to board the bus as well as mothers carrying or walking small children. All of the riders do not live on Melrose Avenue. That means they will have to walk from other streets to the bus stops.

I wrote to Vice Mayor Sherman Lea before the change was made of my concerns, to this day I haven’t received a reply from Mr. Lea, he is also a minister. I also spoke to Mayor Bowers, he stated changes will come, that’s OK if it doesn’t cause anymore hardships on the public. The Metro General Manager stated to me in writing the change was made in order for the workers to get to work on time. I do know that after some of the students were allowed to ride the Melrose bus that was when the problems began. If the trolley can run every ten minutes, surely the Melrose riders should have better services not less.

-Josephine Hutcheson, Roanoke