Berglund Automotive Goes the Extra Mile


We will all remember the big snowstorm of February 2010.  My two dogs, Thelma and Louise and I were in Snowshoe, WV.  We decided to leave early in the morning for Raleigh, NC in order to “beat” the storm.  By the time we left at 6:30 AM, it was already snowing.  But as we were packed and ready, I said to myself, “It can’t be that bad,” and off we went.  I should have checked the weather better, it was pretty tough driving.  But my Jeep trudged thru the snow with no problem.  We stopped for a break in Daleville, VA.  After a short walk, of course in the snow, with the puppy girls, we piled back into the car.  I started the car and tried to put it into gear and instead got a scraping noise.  I turned the car off and tried again.  Other issues occurred involving the four wheel drive system and I decided I needed to get repairs before continuing to NC.

So I called the closest Jeep dealership.  They were sending everyone home and said that that they were not certain they would make it home safe at this point.  And I certainly understood as I was driving in exactly that!  So I called Berglund Chrysler – Jeep – Dodge.  They said they were getting ready to leave but to come.  I told them I was 5 miles away but could only go 25 miles per hour (because I could not get out of four wheel drive low), but would be there soon.

When I arrived, they listened to me, took my car, let my dogs roam the showroom, the offices and at one point, Thelma was in the repair area.  They were frying chicken and potatoes and included me in lunch.  They sat and talked with me.  And kept me informed regarding my Jeep.  Turned out to be the actuator, which they replaced and made notes on my invoice as to what else I needed to have done, not only regarding the immediate problem but also a couple other issues.  My mechanic, Andy Brian, was thorough.  And the General Manager, Walt Frazier, walked out with me to check with Andy and told me to feel free to check with Andy anytime.  Andy talked with me and explained to me the problem and the solution.

I was first of all thankful that I had not had the problem in a desolate area.  But I was also very thankful that I went to Berglund.  They stayed in the continuing snow storm and took care of my car, my dogs and me!  Next car I buy, I will certainly call Berglund.  But above all I will remember the kindness and generosity of all at Berglund.  Namely, Andy Brian, “my” mechanic, Ron Henderson who initially took care of my car, and Walt Frazier, the General Manager whose presence was known from the time I got there until I left.  And there were others, including Connie Hunter, Matthew Bates, and Brad Pickering.  And there were others to thank whose names I do not know.

Berglund is a 5 star establishment.

And yes, I made it to Raleigh that afternoon thru more snow and slush and downed trees, but I made it safely home and again, Thank you Berglund Chrysler – Jeep  – Dodge.

Grateful in Raleigh, NC
– MaryDell Joyner