Second Roanoke Tea Party Big Success

Kennie Harris in period dress.

Kennie Harris in period dress.
Kennie Harris in period dress.

Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians all have one thing in common: all were equally represented at the second Roanoke Tea Party held this year (the first was held on April 15). Elmwood Park served as the gathering spot for more than 1,000 people July 4, with many bearing signs stating opinions on various matters.

House of Representatives member Morgan Griffith said, “Today is not called dependence day.  It is not about the money, it is about the right to tax with representation.  Government spending is out of control and that brings about dependence, not independence for its citizens.  How we spend our money is as valid today as it was on December 16, 1773.”

Jeff Bowles from the Libertarian party talked about Thomas Jefferson and how “the founders realized that government was necessary but dangerous so they contained it within the constitution.”

Jackie Bledsoe of explained exactly what the Fair Tax is and how it would work in today’s environment of excessive spending and taxes.  “It is a revenue neutral plan with a retail sales tax on new goods and services only,” allowing the country to abolish the Internal Revenue Service altogether.

Bill Cleaveland, running for the 17th House of Delegates seat stated, “Your voices are the pulse of this country.  If your voice is quiet, this country will die.  I am angry like you and I hope you are angry about the tax situation as it is.  Make your voice heard in November.”

Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee for Attorney General, got the crowd fired up when he said; “Conservatives in Northern Virginia should be under the Endangered Species Act since there are so few of us left.  We need to take back our constitution and make sure this Cap & Trade bill is not passed.  Even Greenpeace is against Cap & Trade and you know how liberal they are.”

After the invited speakers, the microphone was opened up to the public.  Speakers were given 5 minutes each and many in attendance took advantage of the opportunity to be heard.  Topics included abortion, freedom, limited government, Cap & Trade, free speech, liberalism, thanking veterans and prayer.

Organizers say they plan to have another Tea Party in Roanoke this fall.