Local Author Wrote Because She Was Mad

When her husband told her, “Bible women were chattels,” Carolyn Roth got mad. She determined to prove Bruce wrong. The result was Roth’s fourth authored book, Out of the Shadows, Exposing the power of Bible women. “I was on such a roll to understand Bible women that I literally worked night and day on this book.”

The first topic Roth researched was power and influence. That was fairly easy. Roth’s doctorate is in Organization and Leadership and she taught management and leadership in universities for 25 years.  Investigating Bible women was more difficult.

“Have you noticed that all Bible writers were men? Often these men gave little information on women. I’ve come to suspect that the Bibles dearth of information on women was because male Scripture writers had little insight into what women felt or thought. Their lack of understanding made it hard for them to interpret women’s behavior. Perhaps, male Bible writers couldn’t recognize either a woman’s power or influence.”

Roth averred, “This book is so not about bad girls of the Bible!” Nor, is the book another alphabetical review of all women named in the Bible. Rather, Out of the Shadows, Exposing the power of Bible women shows how that Bible women were just that— powerful and influential.

Through reading this book, women become proud of their biblical women ancestors and reclaim their own power and influence. While outlining types of power and influence, Roth identified Bible women who used these behaviors. The bulk of Out of the Shadows depicts 10 Bible women who used multiple power and influence techniques as they impacted their worlds. These women were no one’s chattel.

When she retired from the University of Texas in 2008, Carolyn and her husband moved to Southwest Roanoke. After the sand and grit of the desert, they wanted to live where they saw green trees growing on mountains.

Carolyn’s other books include: Lesser Known Bible Characters, God as a Gardener, and Rooted in God. Books can be purchased locally, on Amazon, and from Carolyn’s website (www.CarolynRothMinistry.com). Carolyn’s email is carolyn.roth@ymail.com.