Roanoker Publishes Self Defense Book for Women

Decades of hand-to-hand combat training, tempered with an “avoid at all costs” attitude toward physical violence make Logan Doughty, owner of Personal Self Protection LLC, a much sought after instructor of self-protection.  Not only has he been leading classes and workshops in personal self-protection to groups that range from Girl Scouts, teens and corporate staff, but he has recently published a book based on his philosophy called fearless:  A Woman’s Guide to Personal Self Protection.

At the heart of Logan’s classes is the mission to reduce the fear of assault by teaching physical, mental and environmental preparation techniques.  He teaches a lifestyle first and then a fighting style.  His principles and techniques are detailed in his new book with various learning techniques such as visualization exercises and fighting moves modeled in carefully detailed illustrations with on-line video demonstrations.  Readers of fearless will be able to address stressful scenarios in a pro-active manner, use tactics to give a dramatic advantage in an assault situation, and choose a “go-to” defensive tool by learning pros and cons of various weapons.

With a foreword written by Teresa Berry, Executive Director of SARA, Inc. (Sexual Assault Response and Awareness, Inc.), fearless is scheduled for release on Sunday, March 26.   A book launch will be held at Parkway Brewery that same day at 4 pm.  There will be live music, food and book signings.  Books may be pre-ordered from with a twenty-five percent discount off the cover price.