SERWAN ZANGANA: Since Biden and Democrats Are Not Compassionate To America, Where Are The Republicans To Stop The Catastrophe?

Obviously, the majority in the House and Senate and President Joe Biden are ultimately supporting Israel. This has been an unchangeable policy of the U.S throughout the years. The U.S-Israeli connection is an unbreakable chain that, regardless of the president’s party  and the majority control of the government, the vote to support Israel is always unanimous.

Therefore, Biden has earned no medal for supporting Israel in its war with Hamas. Indeed, it is another Middle Eastern crisis that the U.S has not been able to find a permanent solution for. As Biden and the Democrats have been failing to solve America’s problems and stand to the major domestic dilemmas, stepping up in supporting Israel is an opportunity that Biden thinks would earn him some credibility.

The same day of the Hamas attacks on Israel, Biden swiftly announced the unwavering support to Israel. “I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the Government and people of Israel,” Biden said in a White House statement.

The subject of supporting Israel by the U.S  has no gray areas, which is not only a solid part of its foreign policy but also an ideological belief of the majority of the American politicians as well.

It is noteworthy that some members of the so-called progressive group in the Democratic Party expressed various opinions toward the Israel-Hamas war. However, they are less influential on their main party line that has been a long-time Israeli supporter.

Sending the USS Gerald Ford Carrier Strike Group followed by USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group was a clear, instant message to Hamas and the region that Israel is always a priority in the U.S agenda.

The progressive group in the Democratic Party has always been loud but less effective in making progress in American lives. Clearly, some members of this group were louder than the others as far as being anti-Israel as they called for a ceasefire. Their calls were ignored as more U.S supports were headed to Israel, such as 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, an aircraft carrier, which was ordered by the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The world must understand that the U.S foreign policy supporting Israel is rooted in America’s politics. Definitely, this policy will not be bent based on domestic or international politics.  According to The Wall Street Journal, President Biden is seeking $100 billion that would include funding for Israel along with Ukraine, of course. However, for the past two years, the Biden Administration and Democrats have put America in a critical situation and created many difficulties for American citizens.

Unfortunately, the Republicans have not been able to take a firmer position to stop this Administration from devastating America.

Now, shifting all the attention away from the existing problems in America, such as the disastrous border security and illegal immigrants, the continuous inflation, and health care problems to focus on Biden’s support to Israel might be the hope for Democrats to boost Americans’ confidence in Biden.

Ironically, as both Democrats and Republicans are usually criticizing each other and often in disagreement about funding American people and securing the U.S border, they both are in a complete agreement to increase Israel’s security.

Furthermore, Biden is still seeking more funds for Ukraine to continue its ongoing war with Russia that has no deadline. But the question is: Since Biden and his Democrat lawmakers are failing in almost every way to advance the best policies for America, where are the Republicans who can stop such politics and save American values?

– Serwan Zangana supported Operation Iraqi Freedom as a U.S Army translator before coming to the U.S from Kurdistan, Iraq in 1997 to seek political asylum. He was granted asylum status and years later proudly became a U.S citizen. He currently serves as a correction officer in Roanoke.




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