Ferrum College To Extend Panther Promise To Alderson Broaddus University Students

In light of the recent news of Alderson Broaddus University closing, Ferrum College will extend the Panther Promise initiative to Alderson Broaddus students. It will be titled the “Battlers Promise” for qualifying students who transfer from Alderson Broaddus to complete their education at Ferrum College.

“Standing on the shoulders of our founders, we affirm our heritage as the College of Opportunity, proudly launching the Battlers Promise designed to provide qualifying Alderson Broaddus students the opportunity to attend Ferrum College Tuition-free,” said Mirta Martin, Ferrum College president.

Ferrum College’s mission remains to give all students a high quality education and to prepare students for their respective careers. The College currently offers 31 undergraduate programs and four graduate programs.

Similar to Alderson Broaddus, Ferrum is proud to be a faith-based institution with top programs in biology, business administration and health and human performance. The College also provides small class sizes and a close-knit community atmosphere.

Ferrum will also welcome any Alderson Broaddus student-athletes who wish to speak with coaching staff to inquire about opportunities on one of the College’s varsity men’s and women’s programs.

The Ferrum College community empathizes with AB students, and the College hopes students will consider coming home to Ferrum to continue their educational journey.

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