Only Electors Should Choose POTUS, VPOTUS / State Governors and Vice-governors.

While electors must be chosen by direct popular vote, should people under “drinking age” be allowed to vote for the electors who choose these head executives? The answer should be no.

In positions which require impartial administrative and management expertise and competence, it would be genuinely representative if the voting age of electors for POTUS and VPOTUS is 23 (the age no one can be declared any longer to be a dependent) and for electors of governor and vice-governor the voting age is 21 (the legal age for the consumption of alcohol in a public setting).

Only lawmakers can tailor-make their duties, with the confines of the constitution, to the direct will of the people. The executive branch can only serve the indirect will of the people by unbiased and competent administration of its agencies.

Harsha Sanka / Covington

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