Wrong Call Made on Covington / Low Moor Schools

Dear Editor,

This is pertaining to the choosing of the location of the new middle school in the Alleghany Highlands, Virginia. Even though the decision was made a long time ago, it does not hurt matters to express certain views even if it is “after the fact”.

Frankly since the middle school in Low Moor is close to the high school, it would make the most sense to use that facility in Low Moor than the one in Covington. Covington High School must have been made into the middle school as a political concession to the elected officials and voters in the City of Covington.

Many times politics gets in the way of common sense. Political egos have to be massaged. Moreover a Covington politician does not want to look bad to his/her constituents. They want their voters to believe they are getting something out of this merger. The problem with much if not most of the current electorate (voters) is they tend to look at matters on the surface and they do not bother to investigate beyond that. They have inclinations to base their outlook on how a matter looks and feels rather than analyzing everything thoroughly for its objective and relevant merits.

The fact that the middle school is in Covington rather than in Low Moor may actually cost the taxpayers of Covington more in the long term. The extra costs will not be limited to bussing issues.

However, many people do lack insight, oversight and far sight. It would be much more cost-effective if that facility was in Low Moor. Furthermore since the middle school buildings in Low Moor are much newer than a building that opened its doors 10 years after World War One, it would be much more economically prudent to retain that specific facility. It has been estimated that a large amount of money will be needed to upgrade the current CHS facility. That money would be much better spent on new books and on hiring additional teachers.

Finally the students at the middle school who need access to high school teachers for advanced and special classes will be greatly impeded since the middle school will be in Covington rather than a mile away. Extra costs and less services burden all taxpayers. That is the moral of this story.

– Harsha Sankar / Covington, VA


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