Tsai of Taiwan Reaffirms Partnership / Encourages Business Opportunity for Virginia

Governor Glenn Youngkin met with President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen today to discuss best practices for strengthening the business relationship between Virginia and Taiwan, including mutual trade and investment initiatives.

Additionally, Governor Youngkin signed an executive order establishing Virginia’s first office for economic development in Taipei.

“As a premier partner in the Commonwealth’s economic and business ecosystem, I was thrilled to meet with President Tsai to strengthen Virginia’s decades-old partnership with Taiwan,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “As a former business leader, I appreciate the commitment to excellence that Taiwan demonstrates across sectors. They are an important training partner and model of prosperity for nations across the globe.”

Taiwan is a significant player in cross continental relationships for Virginia. As the fourth fastest-growing source of foreign direct investment in the United States, Taiwanese-owned Virginia companies strengthen the Commonwealth’s collaborative business climate.

Virginia exported $730M in products to Taiwan in 2022 and imported $1B in goods from Taiwan.

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