Let Us Consider The Forests This Earth Day

Since 1970, we have celebrated our planet and its precious lands, air, water, and wildlife. That is why Dogwood Alliance continues to draw attention to pressing environmental and social issues, such as climate change, resource destruction, and biodiversity loss. Especially forests in America, which continue to face degradation due to logging and industrial pollution. Protecting them is vital to solving ecological crises and restoring the economy.

Virginia is home to 927,000 acres worth of wetland forests, including the natural gem that is Beaverdam Creek Swamp in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. The economic value of these forests equates to $13.9 billion, which is broken down by $8.7 billion through protection from extreme events, $12.8 billion in aesthetics, tourism, and recreation, $7.9 billion from water supply and waste treatment, $5 billion via food and pollination, $2.44 billion per regulating services, and $58 million with raw materials. Overall, the total number would increase by $1.3 billion under the aegis of further investment in state conservation.

It is imperative to protect our forests for the sake of ecology, culture, and economy. However, this country, despite being one of the world’s largest consumers of wood and paper products, has a poor history of protecting its trees. Forests offer a range of essential ecological, cultural, and economic benefits, such as providing clean water, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and even jobs in the industry. By promoting conservation, implementing better regulations on industrial logging practices, and supporting sustainable forestry methods, the United States can safeguard our invaluable trees while balancing both economic and ecological concerns.

If you require additional information or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me. Together, we can and will save Earth, the place we call home. Thank you.

Matthew D’Onofrio / Dogwood Alliance / dogwoodalliance.org

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