Demolition Begins on Downtown Vinton Properties Affected by 2022 Fire

The Town of Vinton has been notified that the downtown properties affected by the structure fire in the summer of 2022 will begin demolition on Monday, April 3.

Addresses 206 and 208 S. Pollard Street and 103 and 107 E. Lee Avenue will be the initial structures demolished and further evaluation of adjacent properties will be determined during the process. Many of the buildings share walls which can cause each subsequent building to be structurally affected when the previous is torn down. The Town of Vinton is working with local property owners to facilitate timely and safe remediation of the area.

Both lanes of the 100 block of E. Cleveland Avenue will be closed on Monday, April 3 2023 during the initial demolition process, although the westbound lane will reopen on April 4. Demolition is expected to last four to six weeks to ensure thorough removal of unsafe structures and debris. Businesses along E. Lee Avenue and in the immediate area will remain open and will be accessible while the demolition is underway. Free public parking will be available at the Vinton Farmers Market and Vinton Baptist Church and visitors are encouraged to continue supporting downtown businesses.

“The Town has been working with involved parties since day one of the fire and we will continue to assist with this process to make it as safe and speedy as possible. Public safety is our utmost priority,” said Town Manager, Richard Peters. “We appreciate everyone’s patience and optimism while we get closer to rehabilitating this corner of our downtown.”

The Town of Vinton is working with property owners, nearby businesses and private contractors to keep the project on track and provide accurate information about the process. Property owners are currently exploring plans for redevelopment of the lots.

“This event was tough for our community and I want to express how sorry I am for D.R. Music, the other affected businesses, and the residents. I hope this is an opportunity for Vinton to make the most of a bad situation to build back and make this corner of our downtown more vibrant than ever,” said Mayor, Brad Grose.

Businesses directly affected by the fire have relocated to permanent addresses and are still in operation. D.R. Music is now located at 128 N. Pollard and Rustic Creations is now located at 116 S. Poplar Street. The George Nester Edward Jones Investment office is currently located at 10 Walnut Avenue, although plans to eventually return to their location at 103 E. Lee Avenue.

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