Chamber Members Encouraged to Ask Budget Negotiators to Fund Catawba Hospital Renovation

House and Senate budget negotiators are currently considering funding proposals for Catawba Hospital, which would be transformed into a state-of-the-art substance abuse and mental health treatment facility. This could be a transformative project for our region and a key step in recovery for many of those in our area suffering from these disorders.

Please see the sample language below that you can use to contact budget conferees in support of this vital project today.


Honorable Budget Conferees,

As a business leader in Virginia’s Blue Ridge region and an active member of our community, I wish to express my strong support of House Bill 2192 and funding which comprises the effort to transform Catawba Hospital into a state-of-the-art substance abuse and mental health treatment facility.

It’s vital to address the devastating effect that the opioid epidemic has wrought on people from all walks of life. This epidemic has touched countless lives – indeed, many of us know someone who has either directly or indirectly suffered from the abuse and proliferation of opiates.

Renovation of the Catawba Hospital is an important first step to begin treating the influx of those with substance abuse and mental health disorders so that they may begin to heal and lead happy, productive lives. This is a unique opportunity for our region to be on the forefront of this societal restoration, and I strongly believe that this investment will bring a great benefit to the Commonwealth and its citizens.

I respectfully request that you support all efforts to fund this proposal. Thank you for your consideration.



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