PARK Roanoke Selects SP+ to Manage PARK Roanoke Facilities

The City of Roanoke has selected a new vendor, SP+, to manage the PARK Roanoke facilities through the RFP process. SP+ has a long history of bringing innovative parking and transportation solutions to major cities. They are a leading provider of technology-driven mobility solutions and plan to create a conveniently streamlined experience for Roanoke parking customers.

SP+ is committed to a smooth transition in billing and other garage projects at PARK Roanoke. January and February monthly bills from SP+ were sent directly to e-mail addresses provided for monthly parkers from emails Monthly parkers must update their information in the new billing system. This new system allows for more flexibility in payment options and account access. Questions regarding this new billing system can be taken online at [email protected] or by calling the parking office at 540-343-0585.

Updates have also been made to to reflect the new payment system and increase user friendliness.

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