Vote Suetterlein To Defend Your Liberties

The upcoming elections in November for state representatives are more important than ever. With the recent redistricting, two incumbents are vying for the same seat. Republican Senator David Suetterlein will be running against Democrat John Edwards. We must re-elect Suetterlein so we can protect the liberties we hold dear: i.e. parental voice and authority in your child’s education, school choice, constitutional right to carry, more support for our police enforcement, and last but not least, an (R) or (D) to identify party affiliation by candidates’ names on ballots along with reducing the ridiculously early voting window.

Please support Sen. Suetterlein in his efforts. The cause needs your help in door-knocking and getting the vote out. Please contact Cody at [email protected] for more information.

Suzanne Osborne/Roanoke City

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