Blue Ridge Marathon “Full Goat” to Decide on Racers By Using . . . Goats

The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon staff are hosting a creative lottery to fill the final 10 spots for the new Full GOAT challenge, where participants run every distance offered for a total of 101 miles.

But instead of pulling names from a hat, the Marathon staff have decided to stay on theme and have real goats choose the winners.

On Thursday, February 9 at 8:45 AM they will go live via social media at “TheraGoats” in Rocky Mount, VA, where actual goats will decide who competes in the Full GOAT challenge. Each of the 35 lottery registrants will be assigned a goat. The goats will race one another, and the registrants assigned to the winning goat will gain entry to the 2023 Full GOAT race.

This lottery event will be broadcast live on Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon social media channels for lottery registrants to watch and cheer on their goat, as well as for anyone else interested in watching this fun race play out.

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