Blue Ridge Marathon Launches “Full GOAT” and Immediately Sells Out

The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, also known as America’s Toughest Road Races, launched—and filled—a new challenge on January 20: The Full GOAT. The challenge requires runners to complete 101 miles which includes over 26,280’ feet of elevation change. To do all 101 miles, runners must complete a combination of virtual races ahead of race day, compete in one race on race day April 22,, and participate in America’s Slowest 5K on April 23.

The Full GOAT was announced through Roanoke Outside and Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon newsletters as well as social media. Runners immediately took to the challenge and signed up, filling the 25-spot roster within a few hours.

“This is an exciting reminder of how much people love this race and how crazy some runners can be. That they would decide to compete in such a difficult challenge with less than a day’s thought is awesome,” says Pete Eshelman, director of Roanoke Outside and founder of the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon.

Owing to the excitement and how quickly the roster filled up, organizers plan to open 10 additional spots. This time, the spots will be filled through a creative lottery system that the media will want to cover (trust us). Runners who wish to join in the Full GOAT can submit their names now, and we will release the lottery details the week of January 30.

For more information on the Full GOAT and to submit your name for the lottery, visit For all media inquiries, please contact Kait Pedigo, Roanoke Outside events manager, at [email protected] or 540-655-9361.

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