South Roanoke Neighborhood Association Holds City Council Candidate Forum

Neighbors in South Roanoke, the neighborhood organization, hosted a city council candidate forum on Tuesday, August 23, at South Roanoke United Methodist Church.  The hour and a half event included a 2-minute opening by each of the candidates, a quick paced series of questions that were answered by YES/NO/MAYBE, questions from the audience and a one-minute closing by candidates.

Audience questions read by moderator, John Carlin, included 30 second responses to local issues Evans Spring Development, Curbing Crime, and Affordable Housing.  Candidates were asked to answer YES or NO to, “Do you support the current city manager?”  Three of the candidates, Cobb, Vivian Sanchez-Jones and Luke Priddy said YES.

Early In person voting begins Sept 23, at the Roanoke registrar’s office, 317 Kimball Ave, Roanoke 24016.  The November 8, 2022 city council and congressional elections will be decided by you.  Learn about the candidates.  Then voice your choice!

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