Roanoke Launches Protect the Blueway Program

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, Roanoke Stormwater, Roanoke Parks and Recreation, and local river outfitter Roanoke Mountain Adventures (RMA) are launching a “Protect the Blueway: Trash for Tshirt” program to reduce the amount of trash in the Roanoke River and promote use and care of the Roanoke River Blueway.

The City of Roanoke has an aspirational goal to fully meet our obligations for clean water in the Roanoke River and its tributary streams. Creating a clean water legacy requires a concerted effort between city staff and the city’s residents and businesses. Together, we will transform the Roanoke River and its 13 tributaries into community assets, focal points, and sources of pride for those that live, work, and play in the Upper Roanoke River watershed.

If you want to show off your love for the Roanoke River, pick up a bag of trash on your next river float or greenway walk and you’ll receive a free “Protect the Blueway” shirt from RMA. This unique tshirt features a map of the City of Roanoke, the Roanoke River and its tributary streams, along with the slogans “Protect the Blueway” and “Love Where You Live”.
How to Get a Protect the Blueway Tshirt:

1. Complete a Parks and Recreation Volunteer Waiver at RMA or online.

2. Assemble your own cleanup supplies (trash bag, gloves, etc.). The trash bag can be any size (grocery bag or larger).

3. Collect trash on your next river float or stroll on the greenway. (RMA offers water rentals. If you book a tube or kayak trip, just mention the “Trash for Tshirt” program to RMA staff and they will provide a trash bag to you!)

4. Take a photo showing your trash bag with the river/greenway in the background. Cleanup must be conducted within city limits.

5. Dispose of trash properly in a City of Roanoke trashcan along the greenway. Take a photo showing the location of the trash.

6. Go to Roanoke Mountain Adventures to show your 2 photos to staff and get your free shirt!

*Limit 1 shirt per participant. Shirts are not available for purchase and can only be picked up from RMA staff after providing photo documentation of your cleanup.

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