CarePortal-Virginia Surpasses One Million Dollar Milestone

CarePortal in Virginia has had an economic impact of over $1,000,000 since February 19, 2020.

Patrick Henry Family Services serves as a CarePortal Implementing Partner in many of the counties in Virginia where CarePortal operates. These counties include Roanoke City, Bedford, Lynchburg, Franklin, Rockbridge, Appomattox, Botetourt, Amherst, Roanoke County, Campbell, Henry-Martinsville, Danville, Halifax, and Pittsylvania.

As of March 23, 2022, the state of Virginia has produced a total economic impact of $1,022,000 with CarePortal, a number that increases every day. The counties in which Patrick Henry Family Services acts as Implementing Partner is responsible for about $1,000,000 of that total.

CarePortal is a tool that connects Departments of Social Services and caseworkers directly with churches and community partners for the purpose of serving children and families in need. Caseworkers inform the community of needs, and the community is then able to respond and provide. So, the economic impact in this case indicates that over $1,000,000 in resources has been provided to those who need it most in the exact ways they need it most.

Patrick Henry Family Services would like to thank all participating members of their partnering counties for diligently answering the call to care. Here’s to the next million dollar milestone.

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