Fair is Fair: Peg McGuire Should Be Appointed to Fill Seat Vacated by Robert Jeffrey, Jr.

As a citizen, business owner, faith leader, and advocate of the City of Roanoke, I am deeply disappointed in the criminal convictions of Robert Jeffery, Jr.

Along with all of Roanoke, I believe that members of our government should have the trust of the people. Mr. Jeffrey violated that trust.

I call on the City of Roanoke to appoint Peg McGuire to fill the seat vacated by Mr. Jeffrey until a special election can be held.

Peg was my Republican running mate in the November 3, 2020, Roanoke City Council race. She worked very hard and placed fourth in the City Council election and won 12 out of Roanoke’s 22 precincts.

Had the voters of Roanoke City known that Mr. Jeffrey was embezzling and misappropriating funds, would they have voted for him?

It is only just and equitable that Peg McGuire be appointed to City Council until a special election is held to fill the seat.

Maynard L. Keller, Jr. / Roanoke, VA

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