6 Ways Legal Professionals Can Improve Their Business Model in the Tech Age?

Lawyers are in the business to help people, but that does not necessarily mean they want to be viewed as “helpers.” After all, there is prestige attached to being a solicitor. As such, it can be difficult for members of this field to view themselves in the same light as someone who works at an insurance company or even in retail. However, lawyers need to realize that their industry cannot rely solely on prestigious reputation; it must also update its business model and technology used in today’s tech-driven society.

There are advantages to updating your business model and embracing new technologies. Keep reading to learn more about different ways legal professionals can improve their business model in the tech age:

Law Firm Marketing

The first thing legal professionals should do to improve their business model in the tech age is to develop a marketing strategy. Marketing can include having an active social media presence, posting on specialized blogs, investing in traditional print advertisements, SEO,  etc. Investing in national law firm marketing campaigns is critical in not only attracting new clients but also converting them into paying customers. It will help you generate more work while allowing less time for pitching since clients will be actively seeking you out. With that said, though, it’s important not to forget about one of the oldest forms of marketing: networking. You never know when you might meet someone who needs your services. Business cards never go out of style so make sure you always have them with you at events.

Develop a Social Media Presence

Another step legal professionals should take to improve their business model in the tech age is to develop a social media presence. More and more of society’s daily activities are being conducted online rather than in person, so it just makes sense that attorneys would want to have an active role on sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Social media can be used for marketing purposes, but it can also be used to interact with potential clients and make them feel like they aren’t alone when facing the law. The legal system can be scary at times, so establishing a presence on social media can help demystify it for those who aren’t sure how it works.

Streamline Your Case Management Process

One of the biggest challenges attorneys face is how to manage their caseload. Keeping track of all the cases they are working on can be nearly impossible, especially when multiple files and emails are flying around every day. That’s why lawyers should consider investing in software that can help them organize their work and free up time that would otherwise be spent sifting through paper documents or typing data into a spreadsheet. These programs also allow for easy file sharing and collaboration between teams, so not only will your staff be more efficient, but you’ll maintain open lines of communication about ongoing cases.

Invest in Cloud Technology

Cloud computing allows users to store data online, giving them access from whatever device they are using or wherever they have an internet connection. The benefits of cloud computing for legal professionals include being able to back up information quickly and easily as well as share documents with clients who don’t live nearby since the files can be viewed through a web browser. This way, clients can read documents and fill out forms while at work or on the go. And, Instead of storing files in cabinets or on shelf after shelf in a storage room, you can keep all your documents online where they are easily accessible by multiple staff members at any given time.

Utilize Legal-Specific Software

There are several legal-specific software programs available, including those which automate tasks such as document review and matter management. These services not only increase efficiency but also reduce costs. In other words, your firm doesn’t have to pay for paralegals or other staff members who would typically handle these responsibilities. Depending on what type of law you practice, there could be a variety of relevant programs that will help improve your business model. For example, if you represent drug companies that need FDA approval, you may want to consider using a program that allows you to track submissions so that everyone on your team is on the same page.

If you’re an immigration consultant or a legal professional dealing with ICCRC client file management, you can significantly improve your business model by using Casolve’s advanced legal case management software.

Upgrade Your Hardware

In addition to software, you should also think about investing in new hardware. While it may not seem like a big deal, updating your computer or laptop is going to have a huge impact on how efficiently you can work. These days, many of us already have more than one device that we rely on every day- a phone, tablet, and laptop. A lot of legal professionals share this predicament so they probably aren’t using their devices at maximum efficiency. Modernizing will help free up time so employees can focus on client needs rather than being bogged down by tasks such as printing documents when emails would suffice.

If you need help with upgrading your tech hardware, you can always hire a professional with an ITIL certification.

To thrive, law firms should look for ways to modernize their business model. Whether this means investing in social media or legal-specific software, as you can see, several options will not only improve the way your firm operates but also make it more competitive as well as save you time and money. So make sure you take the time to assess your business model, identify areas for improvement and utilize technology to enhance your service.

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