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Roanoke City Needs To Strongly Support It’s Police Department

Failing in providing street patrols for the Drum Stick Dash Run in Roanoke due to staff shortages in the police department does not end in changing the route of the run from Down Town to the Green Way. The decicion is jeopardizing the entire community, and puts the city in a perilous situation.

The authorities of Roanoke City should consider the police shortage and make a plan to solve the issue which affects the citizens of our city. It is not an ordinary problem that could be solved with a necessarily simple solution; it is a major problem which affects the entire city. The anti police rhetorics by the progressive left across the nation have created catastrophes for people. Roanoke City is not immune to the negative effect of those rhetorics as it suffers from staff shortage in the police department.

It is obvious that police are essential to the community as they are in the front line to protect the citizens and keep the city safe. It is time to put the police shortage problem on the top of the list and take steps by increasing pay and benefits and appealing to the citizen of Roanoke to recruit more police. The authorities of Roanoke City must distance themselves from the political conflicts and the left’s rhetoric against law enforcement in order to focus on educating people about the importance of Police in the community. The necessity of police and military is much the same as one protects the communities and the other protects the nation.  Therefore, The responsibilities and need for police in the community are not irreplaceable with other forces or groups in providing security.

Breaking the barriers between the citizens and police and realizing that police’s dutyis not limited to giving tickets and placing handcuffs on some people’s wrist only – it is about protecting every individual, property, and pet to maintain peace, safety, and security for people. Roanoke City has become the center of crimes and shooting; our Police are the only force that can challenge the criminals and stand in the frontline to protect the community. The treacherous situation in Roanoke cannot be ignored and actions must be taken regarding increasing police officers.

 Serwan Zangana

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