SCOTT DREYER: A Refugee from North Korea Warns US

Do not be deceived.  — Galatians 6:7


“Most Americans wouldn’t believe it. If we all could listen to her story, none of us would ever complain about anything ever again.”

With those words, a friend at church told me about his habit of listening to podcasts and one episode he heard recently about a woman who escaped from North Korea. For those who might be unfamiliar, North Korea is probably the most isolated and totalitarian nation in the world today.

The border between North and South Korea is the world’s most heavily-fortified border. It is virtually impossible to cross. However, there are some ways to escape from North Korea to China, which lies above North Korea. This woman, Yeonmi Park, escaped to China but tragically became a sex slave.

Hear her harrowing yet inspiring life story, and hear her warning to us Americans. She sees frightening parallels between the “groupthink” of Stalinist North Korea and “wokeism” of today.

Take a look:

See the interview.


Scott Dreyer in his classroom.


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