Carilion Researchers Raise Awareness of Clinical Trials Available to Patients

Clinical trials are an integral part of finding new treatment options for patients. With more than 100 clinical trials currently offered through Carilion, patients have the unique opportunity to explore cutting edge treatment and therapy options close to home.

“In addition to their clinical duties treating patients, many of our physicians take on the added responsibility of pursuing clinical research to explore new treatments for diseases including heart disease and cancer to improve the lives of our patients,” explained Francis Farrell, PhD, senior director of Research and Development at Carilion.

Thursday, May 20, Carilion researchers are raising awareness of the research they pursue in order to improve care for all patients as part of Clinical Trials Day.

Clinical Trials at Carilion Clinic Fast Facts

  • Active Clinical Trials: 127
  • Physician Researchers: 187
  • Disease Areas: 24
  • Clinical Trial Support Staff: 35

Why is Carilion Clinic actively involved with clinical trials?

In the past, most clinical trials were carried out in major academic medical centers in major cities. Carilion has emerged as a valued clinical trial site—showing the amount of expertise and respect our physicians have on a national level as well as the success of our research operations and facilities.

“Hospitals that actively engage in clinical research create a culture that seeks answers to medicine’s most difficult questions,” said Andrea Bidanset, director of clinical trials at Carilion. “Without this curiosity and commitment, there would be no advancements in patient care.”

This means that patients are sometimes able to access new therapies and treatments through clinical trials before they are available to the general public. It also allows participants to receive cutting-edge care locally, rather than traveling to a larger academic center outside of our region. In some instances, such as oncology, access to clinical trials is considered a standard option for treatment.

You can learn more about current clinical trial offerings and other research happenings at

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