Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory Holds 5th Annual “Write Stuff!” Young Playwrights Festival

Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory has selected the winning plays for their fifth annual Write Stuff! Young Playwrights Festival. Write Stuff! serves to connect Mill Mountain Theatre’s expanding education programming with its historical and ongoing commitment to new play development.

Mill Mountain Theatre has awarded a group of six students from the Roanoke Valley the opportunity to present their original works in collaboration with Mill Mountain Theatre’s Conservatory students, who will be performing the show live via YouTube Premieres. The young playwrights consist of Joelle Dobe, Dash Morgan, Silvia Wardell, Maddie Spencer, Katelyn Wheatley, and Will King.

Directors and educators from Mill Mountain Theatre are also helping to coordinate the production. The show, organized by Director of Education Victoria Buck, is directed by MMT’s own Alexia Buckner, Payton Moledor, Josie Wiegandt, and Victoria Buck. The actors, who will perform in various plays throughout the night, include Azyon Brooks, Bella Turner, Caroline Moledor, Clark Burton, Griffin Shaver, James Moledor, Jesse Braak, Riley Whisnant, Willa Cruikshank, Allison Delarenza, and Zachary Conklin.

Victoria Buck looks forward to the premiere of Write Stuff! as she steps into her first year as the Director of Education here at Mill Mountain Theatre.

“MMT’s annual Write Stuff! festival gives young playwrights and actors a chance to experience the process of working on a new play from start to finish.” said Buck. “It is a particularly exciting project for the playwrights, who get to see the characters and situations they created come to life on the stage and make an impact on their audience.”

To accommodate for COVID-19 precautions, the performance will premiere on Mill Mountain Theatre’s YouTube account on April 17th at 7 PM EST. The performance is available to the public at no cost but donations are encouraged.

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