Friendship Partners With Taubman To Support Carilion Patients by Brightening Views

Friendship Retirement Community, Carilion Clinic and the Taubman Museum of Art are partnering to have ceiling tiles created over the next year to be installed throughout the hospital. Carilion is following other hospitals around the country and the world, in this initiative to create artwork to brighten the patient’s view as they lie in an otherwise stark clinical setting.

Studies have already shown that art within the walls of hospitals can improve the blood pressure, lower anxiety, and decrease the pain medication intake or even length of the stay of the patient looking at the work. One academic has found specifically that many patients react well to depictions of natural scenes with a few features and calm waters.

All tiles created between now and next spring will be donated and hung throughout Carilion Clinic’s buildings and wards with special consideration to the pediatric ward.

Friendship residents were invited to participate in this project, and the first session, held on September 16, 2020, was described as a great success. 

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