34 Recruits Graduate From Roanoke Valley Regional Fire & EMS Academy

Four localities joined together to produce the twenty-sixth regional recruit school

34 Recruits from Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Academy #26 have graduated and will transition in to their roles as Firefighter/ EMTs or Paramedics for Roanoke Fire-EMS, Roanoke County Fire & Rescue, Salem Fire & EMS, and Botetourt Fire & EMS. The ceremony was held on Thursday July 10th at the Roanoke Civic Center for close friends and family.

Academy #26 is made up of graduates from all four of the localities: 12 graduated to Roanoke Fire-EMS, 11 graduated to Roanoke County Fire & Rescue, 5 graduated to Salem Fire & EMS, and 6 graduated to Botetourt Fire & EMS.

Recruit #26 Graduates were trained over a 20 week period on modern techniques in Emergency Medical Services and other related certifications. Once pinned some graduates will begin their work assignment as soon as Friday morning.


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