Virginia’s First Anual Resilience Week To Take Place May 3rd – 9th 


Anthem HealthKeepers Plus is proud to be a member of the Roanoke Prevention Alliance Resiliency Collective and a Resilience Champion. Th eorganization is Virginia’s largest managed care organization with over 400,000 Medicaid members across the state.

Resilience is an individual or community’s ability to bounce back or adapt after facing a difficult time.  Resilience is built by having the support you need to help you “bounce back”.  Anthem HealthKeepers Plus helps our members be resilient by providing support and access to a variety of resources.

Supports include medical, dental, behavioral health and case management services to all of our members.  In addition, Anthem HealthKeepers Plus provides additional benefits like Boys and Girls Club memberships, sports physicals, rides to the grocery store and GED testing.  Finally, we support many local and state organizations that supply our members with things like housing, food, and other types of assistance.

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus, along with 25 other Resiliency Collective organizations, work hard each day to provide supports and opportunities for the citizens of the City of Roanoke.

Everyone can be a Resilience Champion by providing support to those around you, taking time to care for yourself, asking for help when you need it and by being that one adult in a child’s life, that provides unconditional support and caring.  Together we build resilient people and stronger communities.

Please join us in Building the Shield  To learn more please go to