STUART REVERCOMB: Sensationalistic Media?

Stuart Revercomb

No – of course not – they are doing everything they can to help the people they serve understand the true nature of what is happening relative to the coronovirus outbreak.

They are saying things like, “As of today (Weds March 11th) we have just over 4,000 deaths worldwide while the average seasonal flu kills between 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year. The CDC just announced that the US had 20,000 flu deaths this season with 350,000 hospitalizations. Today, on average, 48,219 people will die of cardiac disease. And almost all of the 4000 worldwide coronovirus deaths involved individuals over 70 and / or people with pre-existing health conditions.”

Not exactly.

CNN: “Coronovirus is About To CHANGE YOUR LIFE . . .”

FOX: “CHILLING MILESTONE – Coronovirus cases in U.S. Exceed 1000 . . .”

And my personal favorite:


No wonder we’re all suddenly fresh out of toilet paper. (Yes, you can read the not so subtle innuendo into that one . . .)

I believe in Freedom of The Press – especially as a media publisher ( but there comes a time when irresponsible / sensationalistic reporting for financial gain (can you say nielsen ratings / web stats?) crosses a very dangerous line and their needs to be some mechanism to discourage ongoing and abusive behavior.

But not sure how that’s to be done under the constitution.

Maybe something akin to fines in professional sports.

Hey ‘Morning Joe’ that’ll cost you and your corporate handlers $3 million for today’s monologue . . .”

At the end of the day that’s  clearly ALL they care about.

Stuart Revercomb

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