‘Be The Astronaut’ at The Science Museum of Western Virginia

New traveling exhibit ‘Be The Astronaut’ uses gaming technology to appeal to students to learn about space travel, physics and different planets in our solar system.

The Science Museum of Western Virginia recently installed a new exhibit called “Be The Astronaut” which will guide visitors through various space missions and problem-solve some challenges found within space travel. The travelling exhibit will be hosted at the Science Museum until February 2020.

The exhibit comes from Eureka Exhibits and focuses on combining exhibitory and gaming to encourage a younger audience to engage in the content.”Be The Astronaut” uses theatrical mission challenges and an impressive aesthetic design to teach users about space travel and exploration. As users complete the missions, they retain important information regarding physics, equipment and engineering required to travel to and land on planets and moons.

“What is appealing about this exhibit is the gaming element to learning,” Rach Hopkins, Exective Director explains. “Encouraging kids to learn about physics and engineering is challenging, but it is when delivered on a stimulating platform – one they are very much accustomed with – it can improve their attitude towards the content and simultaneously aid information retention.”

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