Beacon HCI Launches New Brand / Software to Effectively Eliminate Costly Medical Billing Errors


Beacon HCI, formerly MedExpense Solutions, is unveiling a new brand this week that highlights the organization’s mission to illuminate healthcare costs. With an estimated $17 – $20 billion in medical billing errors, the company is dedicated to uncovering costly errors that greatly affect both individual payers and employers.

“The name Beacon more accurately reflects who we are as an organization, offering guidance and navigation to our customers through the intimidating pitfalls of medical bill management,” said Pat Palmer, CEO and Co-founder of Beacon.

Alongside the organization’s name change, Beacon is celebrating the launch of its new healthcare billing compliance analysis software, LumenEx. Beacon’s executive team designed the web-based software to more effectively identify errors and overcharges on hospital bills.

LumenEx’s proprietary software platform utilizes billing information that isn’t analyzed by other less advanced systems and incorporates an analysis by nurses experienced in compliance regulations.

“It’s estimated that more than 80% of all medical bills contain errors, which adds up to billions of dollars needlessly paid to hospitals each year,” said Palmer. “For the first time in the healthcare industry, those who are on the receiving end of the billing are empowered by this extraordinary tool.”

LumenEx gives Third Party Administrators, self-insured groups, reinsurance-stop loss carriers, trade organization members, and other healthcare payers the ability to reject erroneous and non-compliant charges including duplicate charges, cancelled tests, and pharmacy overcharges. With LumenEx, payers are given the resources to reject those errors, saving them thousands of dollars.

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