DICK BAYNTON: The Race to the Bottom

Dick Baynton

This is an expression that is often used as a negative description of a contest to see who can be the worst at whatever rivalry is being challenged. This is exactly what’s going on in our political field of ‘play.’ There are a multitude of definitions of ‘race to the bottom’ but for the purpose of this column, the meaning is the use of cutthroat policies and illogical and incongruous nonsense. Here are some concepts under consideration by liberal progressive Democrats.

Upon receiving the Mueller report on Russia’s possible collusion with the Trump presidential campaign, AG William Barr sent a 4-page letter to Congress on Sunday, March 24th. In his letter, Barr mentioned that there was no evidence developed that after interviewing almost 500 witnesses and issuing 2,800 subpoenas the investigation did not find evidence that the Trump campaign had conspired with Russia in the 2016 election. Mueller made no decision as to whether Trump’s conduct had constituted ‘obstruction of justice.’

Whining about Barr’s obvious support of President Trump by Democrats Schumer, Pelosi and Jerrold Nadler, Chair of the Judiciary Committee, they immediately set out to find impeachment evidence with documentation. Demands by Nadler include Trump’s tax returns for several years and other financial documents. Also, Nadler is insistent about questioning many of Trump’s lieutenants. The ‘Resist’ movement continues unceasing.

Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is a 46-year-old Texan born in El Paso. After graduation from Columbia University in1995 with a BA in English Literature he returned to his hometown in 1998 worked at several jobs and sat on the City Council from 2005 to 2011, winning a seat in the House of Representatives from 2013 to 2019. ‘Beto’ questions whether or not our Constitution is still relevant. He has commented that he would tear down southern border walls between Texas and Mexico.

Bernie Sanders (77) who lost to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign is back in the chase of becoming President. His magic is encased in an ‘app’ named BERN that engages 1 million volunteers who will be holding 5,000 house parties per state for his grass roots campaign. Bernie’s platform includes universal and single-payer healthcare, paid parental leave and tuition-free tertiary (college) educations. Recently he was heard to advocate voting rights for all incarcerated men and women saying they are citizens.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) (69) has thrown her feathered headpiece into the ring of candidates for the 2020 presidency. Evaluation of her heritage proves that she is 1/1,024th Native Indigenous American; her platform includes such nuggets as 40% of corporate directors will be elected by employees of companies that have more than $1 billion in annual revenue. She advocates free college for high school graduates. She would liquidate (cancel) $640 Billion in current student loans held by about 45 million student debtors. The Obama administration assured us that this program would save us $87 billion over 10 years. Nine years are up and total student debt amounts to $1.56 Trillion (that’s 1,560 Billion). That places taxpayers in the ‘hole’ of almost $1 Trillion.

Other liberal progressive Democratic strategies are the creation of revised history such as the destruction and removal of statues of former idols such as General Robert E. Lee. Other absurd events are the removal of the Kate Smith statue outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and the trashing of her (recorded) singing ‘God Bless America’ by both the New York Yankees baseball and the Philadelphia Flyers hockey teams. The ‘Green New Deal’ was voted down by the Senate 57-0. Catholic attorneys should not serve as judges; anti-Semitism is OK and 70% taxes (redistribution of wealth) puts money in the correct hands.

There are 96 military veterans in the 116th Congress; three were awarded the Purple Heart.  Jim Baird (R-IN) lost an arm in Vietnam; Brian Crenshaw (R-TX) lost his right eye and Brian Mast (R-FL) lost both legs in Afghanistan.  The voices of courageous freedom-loving legislators are drowned out by the remonstrations of men and women who won the ‘Congressional lottery’ and now help create the national legislative mosaic. But their message is socialist servitude that would replace self-determination, prosperity, freedom of thought and action in this great land.

The liberal progressive ‘race to the bottom’; will bring mediocrity and failure; the conservative ‘race to the top’ will stimulate exceptionalism.

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