DICK BAYNTON: New Year 2019

Dick Baynton

Here are some fearless forecasts for 2019 and beyond . . .

Fasten your seat belt because there will be a blizzard of investigations. Most will focus on President Trump in an effort to take him down in any sophisticated or crude method possible. According to James Comey, former FBI Director, impeachment is not the best way to depose Mr. Trump from office. The best way according to Mr. Comey who told the audience at the 92nd Street ‘Y’ in NYC on Monday, December 10th, 2018 is by asking American voters to end Trump’s presidency by a landslide vote for whoever is his opponent in 2020. In addition, Mr. Comey told MSNBC’s Nicollle Wallace that the Democrats have to win; they have to win.

The seeds of hatred for Trump are imbedded in Comey’s appeals to Democrats to win at all cost. Since the 2016 election, Trump contrarians have done everything possible to override the actual presidential election vote seeking agreement that the vote should in some manner be voided and Trump should be replaced using some uncommon sense of fantasy.

Here are some conflicts between parties that are so pathetic that they are childish and dubious. Women’s health is the expression used to justify abortion; nothing else. Women’s health is about as related to abortion as it is to women shaving their armpits. Abortion is the act of taking the life of a fetus (an unborn infant) by employing a surgical procedure. If taking the life of a fetus because a mother doesn’t want to interrupt her life habits, why not provide euthanasia for people at a certain age, say 99, because they no longer make a contribution to society? Abortion may be a legitimate debate but not captioned as women’s health.

Here’s another contradiction that is totally void of common sense; photo ID for voters. A photo ID is necessary to receive a driver’s license, to board an airplane or to cash a check. Yet liberals cling to the bogus philosophy that photo ID is a bias against minorities. This challenges the common sense of fair and honest elections. Democrats need voter segments such as illegal aliens and other illicit sources to get votes. Photo ID requirements has nothing to do with race, economic achievement or handicap status; it is simply a rule to prevent voter fraud.

One of the more insidious moral hazards is the requirements for ‘political correctness’ especially in our educational institutions. For example in the California University System of 10 campuses with 238,000 students and 198,300 faculty and staff, it is punishable for anyone to print or utter a ‘mini-aggression.’ Phrases such as ‘America is a melting pot’ or ‘the most capable applicants should be hired’ are considered unacceptable for use in ordinary speech or writing.

Liberals allege that they support border security while advancing vague comments about increasing staff and technology. Without a wall, our country will be residence for terrorists, gang members and foreigners without skills who will make no contributions to the nation’s economy. Of course there will be many people who qualify for citizenship but they must develop language skills and work toward career jobs at all income levels to contribute to our economy. To bring in millions of people for the express purpose of voting and diversity is an illusion that defeats the culture, the creativity and policies that have brought our great nation into this century as the most successful nation in the history of mankind. The United States is the most diverse nation on planet earth but it is equally certain that our nation could not withstand the conglomeration of all people on earth that want to come here.

U.S. citizens should realize that we are now living in an era of overwhelming hatred that has probably never existed before in our free country. The hatred is aimed at Trump’s supporters and the President of the United States who won election to this preeminent office by making promises to the citizens of this great land. President Trump is working to keep his promises, an achievement not often accomplished by many politicians.

A political party with hatred as a platform has abandoned all positive policies and planning for the people they represent. Our voters and citizens deserve better.

Dick Baynton



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