Annual History Tour of Evergreen Set for October 7

Doug Camper portraits Captain Robert Henry Day — Union veteran who escaped Libby Prison after being taken prisoner on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Day was the first road foreman for N&W in 1882 and the first superintendent of the Roanoke street car system in 1887. Roanoke’s Day Avenue is named for him.
Camper in a member of the 60th Virginia Infantry Company K, a Civil War reenactment group.

Evergreen Burial Park, the oldest cemetery in Roanoke, will host their thirteenth annual guided walking tour on Sunday, October 7th.

This family-friendly history tour features a variety of fascinating biographical sketches of individuals who shaped Roanoke and are buried in the cemetery.

Among those whose lives and contributions will be recalled are: Governor (1958–1962) J. Lindsay Almond; Martha Anne Woodrum Zillhardt, Virginia’s first instrument-rated female aviator, founder of Woodrum Flying Service, and the first female president of the Virginia Aviation Trade Council; world-renowned photojournalist Kay Lawson; distinguished veteran Carter Burgess who served as secretary of the General Staff to European Commander Dwight Eisenhower and hand delivered the D-Day plans to France’s Charles DeGaulle; World War II flying Ace William B. Overstreet; Sallie Weaver Robertson, one of the last members of the Real Daughters of 1812, a group dedicated to promoting patriotism; Captain Robert Henry Day, the only Federal soldier known to be buried in Evergreen; and fingerprinting pioneer and detective William Gibboney Baldwin. Costumed, living history actors make Virginia history come alive through their portrayals of some prominent individuals.

The tour will also highlight significant events in natural history, including the Park’s recent Be a Tree planting, one of the very first in Virginia, and the North America Champion Red Buckeye Tree.

Evergreen will begin the tour at 2:00 p.m. in front of their offices in the city’s Wasena section. Following the tour, a dove “spirit” will be released and light refreshments will be served. All are welcome to enjoy this informative and pleasant tour through Virginia and Roanoke history.

For more information, contact Evergreen Burial Park at

1307 Summit Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

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