Passenger Traffic Continues to Grow at ROA 

A Dash 8 makes one of its final landings in Roanoke in early July. The turboprops have all been replaced by jet aircraft.

The Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport continues to see 2018 traffic increase with June traffic up 9% on a year over year basis. June 2018 saw 60,543 passengers fly via ROA compared to 55,526 in June of 2017 an increase of 5,017 passengers.

Strong community support and improved airline operational reliability have all played roles in the continuation of sustained passenger growth, which began in September of 2016.  Year to date 2018 traffic is up 7.8% versus 2017 which equates to 22,590 more passengers. At this pace the airport is on track to have its busiest year since 2007.

“We are pleased to see this positive trend continue into 2018, especially given our strong traffic numbers in 2016 and 2017,” stated Timothy T. Bradshaw, A.A.E., executive director of the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission.  “Passenger demand is a critical factor when speaking with airlines regarding improving and increasing air service to our region.  Our customers are using our existing air service and the carriers have taken note. We appreciate the support of our community choosing to fly ROA. Between our traffic growth and Small Community Air Service grant we are hopeful of obtaining additional air service”.

The Commission continually works with the airlines to improve reliability, reduce air fare and upgrade equipment serving the region.  This has played a significant role in the increase of passengers using the airport.  In addition, the commission has invested resources to promote the services available at ROA and regularly expresses gratitude to their customers for choosing to fly ROA.

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