Disaster -Travel – Wilderness First Aid Course To Be Offered in Roanoke

MEDIC SOLO will offer the course n May 19-20.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you found yourself or a loved one hurt in an urban disaster zone, a rural area far from a hospital, during travel, or in a remote natural area?  What skills do you possess to problem solve through the critical minutes or hours before ambulance arrival?  What might you still need to learn?

On May 19-20, 2018 MEDIC SOLO Disaster+Wilderness Medical School will be hosting a life-saving education class entitled Disaster+Travel+Wilderness First Aid in Roanoke. A blend of classroom instruction and hands-on rescue practice, the course allows students to dive into the basic first aid curriculum, as well as acquire essential do-it-yourself care-giving skills that can be used in all situations.

Students are challenged to use their judgement and learn how to lead a group in crisis.

Mired in areas miles from an access point, accidents, destructive weather and terrorism happen, and all too often individuals are not fully capable of dealing with the emergency. Absence of competent leadership may result in improper care of patients and endanger the group.  Many recreational accidents are preventable and inadequate care of trauma can compound even simple injuries.  Few first aid programs address the issues of providing emergency care in settings where 911 is overwhelmed or not immediately reachable.

The Disaster+Travel+ Wilderness course involves a classroom instruction format interwoven with practical work and problem-solving exercises.   To feel and actually be prepared for an emergency scenario, hands-on experience is essential.  Students are challenged to use their judgement and learn how to lead a group in crisis.  A student leaves the course with a new-found confidence, a Wilderness First Aid certification, and access to a network and community of wilderness medicine enthusiasts.  There are no prerequisites.  Medical professionals can use this course for continuing education credits.

Expert MEDIC instructors are always eager to answer questions from current or former students, helping them to feel capable and prepared of becoming the good Samaritans in an emergency.  To help support the communities which host their courses, MEDIC SOLO donates ten percent of the course proceeds to a local non-profit.

For more information on this or other courses, go to:? solowfa.co

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