DENNIS GARVN: The Haves and The Have Not’s – Haiti and The Clintons

Dennis Garvin
Dennis Garvin

Nancy and I have been to the Island of Hispaniola on three occasions; twice to the Dominican Republic, and once to Haiti.

In Haiti, we performed surgery and anesthesia at L’Hopital St. Croix.  Subsequently, Haiti was struck by an earthquake, 2010.  The epicenter of the quake was Laogone, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, and the location of the hospital.  The hospital sustained significant damage and required extensive, nearly total, rebuilding.  This major city of Haiti, already woefully underserved in hospital availability, was in dire straits.

Into this horror of human suffering rode the Clintons.  They set up the Clinton Foundation and collected huge amounts of money, promising to funnel the aid to meet Haitian need, including the promise of an additional hospital.

L’Hopital St. Croix was rebuilt and is serving the people again.  Another hospital that had been damaged, St. Francis de Sales, took 5 years to rebuild, but is serving the people.  There is yet another new hospital on the drawing board, where it languishes.

What distinguishes the rebuilt hospitals and the paper hospital?  L’Hopital St. Croix is supported by the Presbyterian Church.  St. Francis de Sales is under the control, and was rebuilt through the efforts, of the Catholic Church.  The other hospital, stuck on the drawing board 6 years after the earthquake, is the brainchild of a secular group of governments.  When you review the reasons for the inertia pertaining to the unbuilt hospital, most of the articles condemn the government of Haiti and its builders or ‘that’s just the way it is in Haiti.’

How they can chastise the local economy and builders, in the presence of two rapidly restored non-secular hospitals, is a mystery.

Try as I might, I cannot find any link of the Clinton Foundation to either of the two restored hospitals.  They provided no money.  I also can’t find the Foundation’s involvement in the unbuilt hospital either.

As recently as this spring, articles have appeared reporting Haitian groups, both here and in Haiti, vilifying the Clintons (and, by default, the Foundation) for failure to deliver on their promise of aid to the very people for whom this Foundation was ostensibly created.

I can find no online information where Clinton Foundation money has been delivered or used for the Haitians.  I can find where the Haitian government provided the first geological license (the first such license in decades) to an American Company to come explore for gold.  Concerns are being voiced about environmental damage and the exporting of all the profits.  Oh, by the way, one of the members of the company’s Board of Directors is Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother.

Okay, so we see that the poorest country in the western hemisphere was used to attract large contributions to a Foundation that has not passed any measurable, reported money to this country’s poor citizens. One of the Foundation’s founders has a brother involved in a potentially lucrative Haitian endeavor that seems to have no obligation to protect the Haitian environment or to financially improve the lot of the Haitian people.

Now comes the kicker.  Haiti has just been devastated again, Hurricane Matthew coming to call this last week and the death toll is now approaching 1000.  Where is the Clinton Foundation?  They have been given a new opportunity to help this nation.  Go to the website.  Or look at an independent tweet from Bill Clinton.  The Foundation website provides ‘ways you can help.’  Most of the ‘ways’ involve donating money to a variety of organizations.  There is vague mention of ‘Clinton Foundation workers,’ but nothing specific and absolutely no mention of money being mobilized for Haitian relief from the coffers of the Foundation.

Why is this routinely ignored by the media?  Why do they report Congressman Nadler’s whining about the Trump Foundation giving a questionable donation to a Florida attorney general and totally avoiding any mention of this abomination?  I guess I should be glad that the major media are abandoning all pretense of journalism and revealing that they are mere propagandists.

Oh, by the way, that Catholic relief agency mentioned above?  The only time a Catholic organization gets any press coverage in the USA is when they resist being forced to provide the abortion pill to their employees.  When Obamacare was in debate, the President assured religious organizations that the law would not force them to provide such care; care that runs counter to their religious convictions.

In the Old Testament, Egypt was struck with 10 plagues.  If you count the Clintons as two, then our calamities are four: Obama, Obamacare, Bill, then Hillary.  While I hope that a loving God will figure that four plagues are enough, my rational mind tells me to stay tuned. Alternatively, this collection of sociopaths could be the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.  However, being political creations, they bear a stronger resemblance, not to horses, but to what horses leave on the ground behind them.

Now I can stand back and absorb the accusations that I am racist (daring to badmouth Obama), sexist (daring to badmouth Hillary) and uncaring to sick people (daring to badmouth Obamacare).  If PETA complains about me, I will accept their criticism: comparing politicians to horse manure is an insult to horses everywhere.