Roanoke City Council Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution

Member of Represent Roanoke celebrate Monday's City Council vote on the steps of the municipal building.
Supporters of Represent Roanoke Valley celebrate Monday’s City Council vote on the steps of the municipal building. (Photo by Rahburt Kappar)

Resolution calls for city council to support state and federal anti-corruption reform

Roanoke City Council has voted unanimously for an anti-corruption resolution calling on state and federal government to support anti-corruption legislation. A group known as Represent Roanoke Valley is the local nonpartisan anti-corruption organization behind this vote.

“We need to fix our broken system. But how? We know congress isn’t going to do it,” said Angela Yarbrough, Represent Roanoke Valley chapter leader. “We, the people, need to take things into our own hands; and we can start right here, right now, in Roanoke.”

Corruption is a threat in Virginia; the independent State Integrity Investigation recently gave Virginia a “D” for corruption risk, noting that this year’s ethics reforms, “while significant, fall far short of what’s needed” and do not address “the fine line between campaign finance and bribery.”

The resolution supports state and federal legislation modeled after the American Anti-Corruption Act, which would stop political bribery, end secret money and give every voter a voice. Other provisions include closing the “revolving door,” limiting contributions from SuperPACs and providing voters with a $100 democracy credit to donate to the candidate of their choice.

Represent Roanoke Valley is a chapter of the national anti-corruption organization “Represent.Us.” Represent.Us members are conservatives, progressives and everything in between, working together to pass anti-corruption legislation in cities and states around the country.

“Local, grassroots victories are how we win this fight,” said Josh Silver, director at Represent.Us. “Together we are building a movement, from the ground up, and fighting for a future where political outcomes are dictated by the best ideas, not the biggest bank accounts.”

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