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Wild Bill Turner
Wild Bill Turner

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

Well, The Chief has been away, so we mouses have recreated.
Enough said. Fortunately for the gang at corporate headquarters, The Chief didn’t storm back like a steaming Perry White.
The countdown to high school football openers continues. That being said, I need to address a little miscue on the opening game for North Cross mentioned here last week.
While the rest of the ” Big-11 ” opens play on Friday, August 29th, North Cross gets a jump on everyone when they play their season opener a week earlier as they travel to play Nansemond-Suffolk Academy in a 7:00 p.m. kickoff on August 22nd. The Raiders follow on Saturday, August 30th with game-two, in a state championship rematch at home against Virginia Episcopal.
Week-one for the majority of the ” Big-11 ” will feature two games that ensure a ” Big-11 ” win. Hidden Valley travels to Patrick Henry and Cave Spring entertains William Byrd. The Star will be on hand at both.
Football won’t be the first high school sport to kick off its regular season this month. That goes to the gals and guys of golf. Things get started Monday in Forest,Va with the Heritage Invitational at London Downs. The tournament season heats up later in the week for most  “Big-11” linksters when the two-day Bob McLelland Metro plays out Wednesday and Thursday at Ole Monterey and Blue Hills, respectfully.
Early favorites in the Metro have to be Hidden Valley in the team competition and Titan Kristin Hearp in the individual. Last year, one of the most memorable rounds in local high school golf history took place when Hearp scorched Ole Monterey in the Metro with a round of 9-under, 62.
The Salem Red Sox conclude their current six-game home stand when the Potomac Nationals visit Lewis Gale Field Friday through Sunday. Game times 7:05 Friday, 6:05 Saturday and 4:05 Sunday. Salem returns home for the next-to-last home stand when Myrtle Beach come to Salem Friday-Sunday, August 15th-17th.
We now move to the joyous mailbag where one reader wants my take on visiting what equates to ” The Twilight Zone.”
Dear Wild Bill: Are you following this German spacecraft that is preparing to launch an exploratory lander on a distant comet? Is this a photography opportunity for my husband? We live on a hill. ( Hazel/Alleghany County)
Doubtful, Hazel. The Rosetta spacecraft has been chasing the comet for 4 billion miles and will get to within 60 miles before sending its lander, Philae onto the comet’s surface in November. It’s a one-shot or miss forever attempt. Obviously, no pressure. As for photography from your place, forget it. This event will occur between Mars and Jupiter. I’d suggest sticking with the moon. And, to put 4 billion miles in perspective, if it took you a week to drive the 2,500 miles from New York to Los Angeles, it would take you almost 31,000 years to drive the Rosetta’s path to the comet, assuming no transmission failure. Yes, you always learn something when you read this column.
(Driving for 31,000 years? Talk about needing the extra-large GoPilot. )
Until next week, send your inquiries from the Twilight Zone to [email protected]

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