County Needs to Focus on Basics Ahead of Massive Capital Projects

Bedrosian PicIt is time that Roanoke County take back its responsibility to maintain county median strips.  This picture is from Peters Creek Road in North Roanoke County.  The grass and weeds in this photo are 4 feet high.

I am sure this arrangement with VDOT to maintain county roads is an arrangement that lowers costs. However, Roanoke County has no problem spending 30 million on Greenfield rec center, or 20 million on the SW county library – and now another 9 million on the Vinton library . How about just concentrating on the basic services to keep the community we already have looking beautiful?  Would a prospective business or families looking to relocate to Roanoke County be impressed with this?  I don’t think so.

Take a look through the tall grass and you will see a local business that budgets and takes money out of the owners personal pockets to maintain a beautiful and manicured landscape. If that business ever let its landscaping look like the median strips in the County – they would be out of business. Would you go into a business that had 4 ft grass growing outside its building?

Al Bedrosian

Candidate for Roanoke County Supervisor – Hollins District

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